Bespoke Songs Just For You

Bespoke songs by entertainment agents Music By Arrangement

Whether for a wedding or a birthday, premier entertainment agents Music By Arrangement understand that you want your party to stand out for all the right reasons. That’s why our expert entertainment agents can help you create bespoke songs just for you which is sure to wow your guests.

If you want to create an extraordinary focal point for your event, we’ve created a special service that will add your own personal touch to the lyrics of your favourite tunes, producing a bespoke song. Working with our experienced songwriters, you can change the lyrics of your chosen song so that it relates to the bride, groom, birthday girl or anybody special to you and have it performed by one of our spectacular singers at your party. This will not only generate a memorable moment on the night, but also goes a long way to ensuring that your celebration is one of a kind.

Bespoke Songs Just For You

A Beautiful Gift for a Special Occasion

A fantastic surprise, bespoke songs can be commissioned by grooms for their brides, fathers, mothers, best friends, Bar Mitzvah boys or Bat Mitzvah girls; in fact, they’re the ideal gift from any loved one, able to inspire anything from tears to laughter.

Creating Your Bespoke Song

To create your bespoke song, our entertainment agents will allocate you your own professional songwriter, allowing you to rewrite the lyrics of your favourite song, express your sentiments and have your creation performed on the night by one of our exceptional singers, swing bands or function bands.

All it takes is a few hours to share memories, anecdotes and feelings about the person for whom the song is being written or about the special day itself, following which our experienced and versatile songwriters can compose the perfect lyrics.

Contact our entertainment agents to start composing bespoke songs just for you or for other innovative party ideas. Call us on 020 8209 3430 or give us an email.

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