An Array of Photo Booths

One of the main attractions at any event is sure to be the photo booth.

Whether it is a wedding, corporate function or simply a family get together, this is a true must have!

It’s a great way to get your guests engaged and excited, and is sure to produce a few laughs when using the photo props. These can include funny masks, glasses, headwear and more. As your guests pile in to the photo booths and take photos, you can guarantee lots of happy smiles and great photos. The best feature of a photo booth is that then everyone has photos to take home with them, providing them with keepsakes and memories from your special event.

As photo booths have become increasingly popular, different types of photo booths have emerged.

A new and innovatively designed photo booth that is perfect for this generations ‘selfie’ craze is the ‘pod’ photo booth. Guests simply have to stand in front of the pod, take their pictures and then edit away! Props are provided and always add an amusing extra touch, sure to result in a few laughs.

XbDW5a0 pod photo booths

A telephone box photo booth provides an inventive structure for a photo booth. This Telephone Box is great for any London themed event or simply to add a bit of vibrancy to your event. The iconic red telephone box is sure to grab guests’ attention, and provides them with a fun backdrop for their photos.

telephone booth photo booths

A further type of photo booth is the drive in photo booth, which is housed in a replica car. From Mini’s to old Beetle’s, this is a quirky and creative way of snapping special moments at your event, with a fun backdrop!

megabooth-mini-300x200 photo booths

The Magazine Covers are also a fun and fabulous photo opportunity for all guests at your event. Guests can tumble into a photo booth and take their snaps, which will then be printed onto magazine covers, which your guests can take home!

magazine covers photo booths

Finally, a spin on the photo booth is a video booth. This slow motion video motion is certainly a fun experience for guests, as they can film themselves having fun, in slow motion! This is sure to be one that everyone will enjoy, as well as providing you with fun memories from your event, to keep for years to come. All these photo booth ideas are great, innovative ways of getting your guests excited, and best of all, keeping cherished memories from your event.

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep photos from your event, please do not hesitate to get in contact today.

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