Entertainment with a Keepsake

It’s always nice to come away from an event with a little keepsake, however big or small, as it provides guests with a long lasting memory of your special day.

Below are a couple of entertainment ideas from which guests can take a keepsake home, along with cherished memories.

The Origami workshop is an excellent way of bringing everyone together, as well as providing tasteful decorations for a Japanese inspired event. Our origamists can produce a myriad of paper shapes, all in mere moments. This is a great way to entertain guests and provide them with a special memento of your event, as well as hopefully teach them a few skills!

origami keepsake

The silhouette cutter is a classy and sophisticated entertainment act that can be completed in mere minutes. The silhouette, demonstrating an incredible likeness of your guests’ shadows, is mounted onto a beautiful card for you to take home and keep. The silhouette cutter can wander around the room and ensure no guest is left out, and that they all have a silhouette to take home.

Creative Party Entertainment Ideas Live Music silhouette cutter

A nice extra touch to have at your event is a Caricaturist. Providing guests with a caricature of themselves is sure to bring out a couple laughs! Mixing and mingling between guests of all ages, a caricaturist ensures everyone has a nice giveaway gift to take home with them.

Professionally made on the spot, these Dog Tags are superb give away at events. Get your name cut, your significant others or anyone near and dear to you. These are an innovative keepsake from your event that is sure to keep your guests talking.

dog tags keepsake

A final interactive entertainment idea is a digital canvas wall where kids can be creative with a digital spray cans and create their own designs. These designs can then be printed onto T-Shirts, Stickers, Postcards, and Mugs. This is great fun for kids of all ages (and the adults) and provides a unique keepsake for your guests.

If you’re looking for fun entertainment that comes with a keepsake, get in touch today.

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